Twilight Fashion Guide for Men

Love it or hate it, Twilight is still here. With one more film set to be released, the characters of the films have become household names to millions around the world. Their darkly seductive styles have taken on a life of their own as many guys try to imitate that carefree cool that has made so many girls melt on the spot.

Vampire Style

Edward Cullen is arguably the most famous of the Cullen clan. His brooding persona matches his fashion choices of grays, blacks and blues, which of course fit perfectly with his misty, overcast environment. With an air of James Dean swirling about him, this laid back vamp knows how to pull all the right pieces together for that mysterious appeal.


When it comes to vampires, black has always been their go-to shade and Edward is no exception. Though he regularly dons something black in any outfit, there are other colors that fit into his style. For jeans, keep the fit slim cut to elongate the body and long enough to bunch just slightly on the shoe. Of course black is classic, but dark washes with no distress are also great choices.


Since he has to protect his skin it’s no surprise all the vampires are seen almost completely covered. For the Cullen-look, mix and match white, gray, navy and black t-shirts with lightweight jackets like a gray pea coat, leather jacket or a cotton jacket. Vampires are dead, so therefore they can’t feel the cold weather, which explains the lack of winter jackets in their chilly climate. If you want to be true to the look, just layer the t-shirts and long sleeves to help build a barrier against icy weather.


Edward Cullen’s hair has become an icon in itself. Mostly styled after the previously mentioned James Dean, this casual mess is easiest on guys with naturally straight or wavy hair. With a few inches of growth, a day or two of no shampooing, a little mousse and a dab of pomade, you’re good to go.

Whether you like the movie or openly despise it, it’s pretty obvious that Edward Cullen is based off of a James Dean-like figure and no one can hate James Dean. Channeling Dean or Cullen, you can easily make that mysterious intrigue yours with just a few simple additions to your wardrobe.